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knowing, Keeping and maintaining a good credit score

 Knowing, Keeping and maintaining a good credit score
It is essential for someone to pay their bills on time. Everyone benefit from a good credit report. It will make a big difference to your present and your future.
 Good credits provide the following:
a)      Good and well cared for apartment rentals and
          houses  for rent.
b)       Low interest rates on your car notes.
c)        Lower car insurance premiums.
d)       Better and highly remunerate employments.
e)      Becoming a home owner sooner rather than later.
When you pay your rent and bills on time, you are rewarding yourself. You get to keep more money in your pocket or in the bank.  Certain company will not hire you if you are a bad debt. Property manager will not rent to anyone with bad credit. Some may require two months rent and 2 months security deposit. Your tax liability will be much higher and you will work to pay higher tax liabilities.
Have you ever have had a good interview with a great and reputable companies and felt that your chance of landing this search after job was great? Then a dreaded review of your credit report dooms your chances. Will they trust you with their money and business secret?  Is it fair?  Well, you will the judge, after all it is a fact of life.
 The same way one goes to school to get a great profession, a lot of you neglect that most important aspect of your life. If you aspire to a better life style, you really need to know your three credit scores by head.
 Please click on this link below to get a free annual credit report from the three major consumer credit reports. 
Yes it is free.
Let me know if this link was  helpful to you? 

Rent made easy

Rent- made- easy
 Apartments renting is a cinch, when tenants meet the five characteristics.  The main objectives of property managements are to feel up the property they are managing. Why do property managements ask for so much information about you?  They want enough paperwork to prove your true identity, your qualification, and the continuation of your income for their rent payment.
The following documents are usually requested: 
a) Your state  ID a driver license will suffice or a federal ID is acceptable.
b)  Your social security number.
c) Four latest pay stubs (if you get paid weekly)
d) Two pay stubs if you get paid bi-weekly
f)Two months bank statements are required.  (If you are self- employed or employed for less than six months at your present job)
Most declared incomes must be legally proved. Reputable property managements will under no circumstances accept under the table incomes. 
 They are not about saying no to renters but thy need convincing evidence to say resoundingly:  Yes, you are approved; we need a deposit in forty twenty four hours to secure your apartment.

Characteristics Number one

Pros and cons of paying your rent on time

  You are right Shelly, Paying your rent on time has its advantages, which are numerous.  It provides a harmonious relationship between you and your property owner. Its helps you save money, provides a financial stability. It helps you secure a steady place to live for a long time.  It improves your credit rating.   

    When the time comes for you to upgrade your apartment, you will have no problem doing so. When you decide to purchase a house, your good payment record will make it easier to obtain a loan.  In case of relocation, a recommendation from the homeowner will facilitate the transition. I will also add, when an emergency or something unexpected happens and the rent cannot be paid, the proprietor will understand since you have a positive record.    

    When the rent is not paid on time, the property owner will go to court to force payment, and subsequently eviction. He sent your name and social security number to a database for bad debt tenants. Most responsible management companies compare your information to that record to see your name is there.    

Among the five characteristics of good tenants, paying the rent on time is number one

The characteristics of an ideal tenant

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Welcome to our Blog

 On this page we expect to ask questions and you have the choice to answer and comment on topics that will evolve around property owners and tenants relationship. Especially those who are looking for apartments to rent.  In addition, these topics will help tenants to improve their relationship with their present homeowner.  

Together, we will see why these five particular characteristics make certain tenants more appealing to property owners. I will provide information on the perspective of a property owner.  And you certainly will provide the tenant point of view.  It will be an interesting exchange.  I am eager to learn from you and answer your questions.

Can you enumerate the five particular characteristics of a preferred, current or prospect tenant?

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knowing, Keeping and maintaining a good credit score
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Rent made easy
The characteristics of an ideal tenant
Characteristics Number one
knowing, Keeping and maintaining a good credit score


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